Little Blue Academy

Safe, Secure, Private Education


 I enjoy having my 3 year old enrolled at Little Blue Academy because I know that all the staff will take good care of him with love and passion for the job they do.

 Ana Alfred



 I feel forever grateful for sending my children to Little Blue Academy.  The teachers have all worked there for many years which is nice to see because many schools have no consistency with staff. The teachers are all so nurturing and my children all love them so much and get so excited to go to school every day!  On top of being treated so well, my children have learned so much and my daughter is in advanced classes thanks to this school and the teachers!  Ms Mary works very hard to create a safe and nurturing environment.  She treats the families and her staff very good.  It reflects greatly on the school as a whole!  I would recommend anybody to send their children here!

Ashley Calderon



The staff is very friendly and they welcome you graciously.  The children are quiet and calm.  The staff is very professional.  My child enjoys spending the day with his friends, and he gets along well with the teacher.  His is in good hands.  I pick him up with a smile on his face J

Felicita Cabrera


Soy la mama de Kevin C., tengo del daycare la mejor opinión yo que los trabajadores del salón de mi hijo y fuera, del mismo se esmeran por llevar a cabo una labor ejempar con todos los niños ensenandoles y educándole con todo o amor y pasiencia, muchoas felicidades a todos.

Yenisey Betancourt



It is a relief to proceed everyday worry free, knowing that my daughter is not only safe, but in caring and loving hands, in addition to a learning and friendly environment.

E. Owens



I enjoy having my children at Little Blue Academy because of the great service this childcare center provides.  Great Hours!  Great Teachers!  My children are both bilingual.  The after-school program is excellent.  The activities with the children are very fun.  I love Little Blue Academy!

Cienid Caraballo


 My child has attended Little Blue Academy for 4 years.  He is well taken care of.  The teachers are very nice and make every child feel special.  My child has transitions for the years in different classes.  All the teachers are caring and friendly.  Thank you Ms Myra, Ms Lourdes, Ms Alina, Ms Regla, and Ms Daymara for all your help and dedication.  Ms Mary, Thank you also for all that you do!

Maynor G.


I really like this school. The teachers are great with the children.  I can trust and rely on them.  My toddler’s teacher, Alina, is awesome and very friendly!

Nadine Mercy



 A sido una Buena experiencia para mi familia contar con los servicios de Little Blue Academy por mucho tiempo excelente atencion hacia mis hijos, cuentar con un personal amamle, educado, y con fiable.  Gracias

Carmen Valladares



 Lo mas importante para mi en la vida es como mi bebita esta, Ana C. es una particular ninita que ama (como todos) estar en casa con mamita, al yo ver que ella llega a su salón le abre los brazos a su maestra para mi es todo.  Ella es feliz y yo igual muy buena su maestra. Gracias por ser tan Linda con mi bebita.

Ana V. Bracamonte


It is very important to me for my daughter to receive a good education.  My daughter has learned many new things here that will help her when she goes to elementary school. Thank you Ms Daymara for taking the time to teach my daughter.

Yolany Lainez



It is a very loving and caring atmosphere at Little Blue Academy!  All the staff is friendly.  My child enjoys learning here.  A special thanks to Ms Alina.  She has a lot of patience with my daughter.  They are all wonderful.  Ms Yolany always shows her best interest in my daughter’s care!

Gueybi A.


 A sido una grata experiencia para mi familia contar con los servicios de Little Blue Academy por mucho tiempo excelente atención hacia mis hijos, cuentan con un personal amable, educado, y confiable. Gracias

Carmen Valladares


 I love having my child enrolled at Little Blue Academy because I know that my son is safe and in good hands.  I go to work knowing my child is safe.  They are always teaching him new things for his education.  This is very important to me.  Thank you Ms Regla for taking good care of my son David.

Yolany Lainez