Little Blue Academy

Safe, Secure, Private Education

Unique Benefits

  • High Teacher Stability
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • FREE Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack    
  • Low Registration Fee
  • In-Network Provider for Strong Minds Network
  • Conscious Disciplined Trained Staff

Our Curriculum

Here at Little Blue Academy, we use a combination of quality curricula to enhance your child's learning experience.

Land of the Letter People is an early-literacy curriculum with multiple applications and facets throughout our daily activities.  In this program, the children explore the common uses of letters, while having fun.  Each letter "person" has a story and a song, further emphasizing the ideas of sentence structure, spelling similarities and rhyme. 

Little Blue Academy has adopted certain aspects of the HIGH/SCOPE curriculum which can be found throughout the school.  One such aspect is Letter Links.  The children's cubbies and chairs both have their names and a picture of their letter link, a common object sharing the beginning sound with their name (Jimmy=Jaguar).

The Creative Curriculum is an approved curriculum for Kindergarten readiness, used in conjunction with our other enrichments.

Little Blue Academy is also an in-network provider of Children's Services Council's Strong Minds Network .

Little Blue Academy is APPLE accredited with the Florida Association for Child Care Management.  For more information regarding APPLE accreditation, visit

Our Academy Goals

Little Blue Academy emphasizes fundamental academic and cognitive skill building, character development, and an introduction into the fine arts in an environment designed to ensure that all satudents are "ready to learn" when they enter Kindergarten. 

In addition, research supports our belief that parental involvement is necessary to acheive these goals and objectives.